I’m interested in the world, I believe in myself, I know how to achieve my goals and dreams, I’m creative, I speak a foreign language.

We wish children and teenagers from little villages and towns repeated those words as often as their peers in Warsaw, Gdańsk or Wrocław.

We believe — as connected with the Pro Liberis et Arte Foundation (‘For Children and Education Foundation’) — that education and knowledge are not reserved just for chosen people. We would like children and teenagers to say that they can, they are able to, that they are creative.  We want to spark interests, to motivate and inspire children to learn foreign languages and new cultures, to speak English, French or even Chinese.

We wish to help people living far from big cities and, therefore, whose access to education is limited. We want to repeat together with children: I’m creative, I’m the master of my own destiny, I have my own desires, I can, I want to, I know!

Educational initiatives are designed for children in the form of language day camps, literary and photo competitions and creative thinking trainings, and they are involved in working for and within local communities. As part of our mission, the International Day is organized  once a year to give young people a chance to meet people from other cultures.

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