Photo Competition

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I. General Information


The Pro Liberis et Arte Foundation in cooperation with primary schools from Bartoszyce County.

2. The subject of the competition is photographs capturing certain events, history, nature or people connected with the region (Bartoszyce County).

Photographs may depict:

(a)    some event, history, legend or disaster that took part in Bartoszyce County;

(b)   a person or a group of people associated with Bartoszyce County, e.g. a music band, football team;

(c)    a personal story of a person or family who live/lived in Bartoszyce County;

(d)   problems and worries, things that you like or dislike in your environment;

(e)    nature or findings associated with your county or region.

3. Participants

Primary school students (classes IV-VI) from Bartoszyce County.

4. Contest goals:

  • to arouse children’s and teenagers’ interest in local history, nature and current events
  • to arouse children’s and teenagers’ interest in photography;
  • to develop an interest in taking notice of interesting and intriguing people, events and phenomena;
  • to motivate to develop artistic sensitivity and individual creativity.

5.  Prizes

  • One First Place Winner will receive a camera, a one-term English course in a foreign languages school in Bartoszyce, and pocket money for transport tickets (the prize value is 1,000 PLN).
  • Five best participants will receive interesting books.
  • Other best photographs will be awarded in the form of books.
  • Selected photographs will be presented on exhibition in Bartoszyce County.

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