Statue and Documents


  1. Supporting education and intellectual and physical development of children and teenagers.
  2. Supporting culture, art and protection of the wealth of material culture and tradition.
  3. Acting for the benefit of international integration and developing contacts and cooperation among societies.
  4. Acting for the benefit of learning foreign languages and cultures.
  5. Educating for greater tolerance towards other religions, races and cultures.
  6. Supporting social and economic development in rural regions.
  7. Promoting science and education.
  8. Supporting activities that help local communities develop.
  9. Activating and supporting social work of organisations and local communities.
  10. Taking action against social inequality.
  11. Taking action against social exclusion and counteracting social pathology.
  12. Acting for the benefit of implementing principles of sustainable development and building family and social bonds.
  13. Acting for mental health and development of psychoprophylactic abilities as well as for professional counselling.
  14. Promoting ecological education and activities for protecting natural resources.

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